Who We Are


You know that feeling when you come across that unique, quirky one-of-a-kind item that's incredibly cool and you know nobody else will have it because it's just not sold in stores?

Yeah that feeling. It's addictive.  

Hi, my name is Erika Saenger  2 years ago I decided to turn my addiction to scouring the internet for amazing finds into something productive: bringing these amazing scores to YOU!

So together with a few friends we combined all the things we were passionate about and started Trendszen, devoting ourselves to bringing you the hottest trends, fashionable accessories, useful gear and quirky gifts!

Because after all, it's awesome stuff like this that make your life more fun & fulfilling! We are passionate about providing you with the best customer service, and welcome your feedback on anything you would like to see on our site. So take some time, browse around, and enjoy the Trendszen experience! 

Thank You!,

Erika Saenger